Make your own knickers with this wonderful knicker pattern and knicker kit…….


So, it has finally happened….my first blog post! I have to admit that this has taken an unbelievably long time to set up and work out…I think my skills are best suited to sewing and crafting rather than IT! The name of my blog? well…that’s because you won’t be surprised to hear, I have a rather great love of all things with polka dots! You may find that over the next few weeks, the style or settings of this blog may change as I get to grips with it so please bear with me!


family collage 2

The children, particularly the youngest two, are often asking me to make them ‘a little something’….this usually means something that they can add to their ever increasing collection of soft toys at the end of their beds….the best ones make it pillow end! their most recent additions were the wonderfully soft ‘Easter bunnies’ that I ended up making and stuffing two of  on a ferry to France over the Easter holidays! **Note: they do not have eyes because the children asked for them not to…would make them more cuddly!** I’ll come back to the bunnies another time, when I’ve worked out where the picture has gone!! (told you I’m a bit pants at this!)

I recently decided I wanted to have a go at making a pair of my own knickers….I searched on the internet and whilst I found lots of beautiful knickers to buy from places like Etsy and Folksy I had trouble finding a pattern and one I liked. Eventually I stumbled upon the wonderful  They sell all kinds of fantastic things, haberdashery, fabrics, sewing patterns…you name it, but they also sell knicker kits which comprise of a multi size knicker pattern, a fat quarter of fabric, knicker elastic and instructions! Or you can just buy the knicker pattern. So I bought the kit and after a bit of practice sewing on the elastic (which I have NEVER done before) and watching their extremely helpful video tutorial…this is what the end result was…and I am so pleased with them, and rather proud of myself!!  I even posted trixie a photo of my finished knickers, and here is where they ended up…  and guess what?? I won a prize of another fat quarter of fabric to make another pair!! My dear friend Jen, also bought a kit and whisked some up too!!

This is the front of the knickers…….

knickers front view

Then we have the back of the knickers…..I added a cheeky little bow just to make them a little more individual and I think they look quite cute……

knickers back view

And finally, I must give thanks to my lovely new sewing machine, that helped me put them together….this shows me sewing on the knicker elastic, which once I got the hang of was surprisingly easy, and so satisfying to ‘let go’ and see the fabric all ruched up!

Bye bye for now….hope you’ve enjoyed the knickers!

2 thoughts on “Make your own knickers with this wonderful knicker pattern and knicker kit…….

    • Knickers were a first for me!! and I plan to make some more…surprisingly not as difficult as I first thought! Great knicker kit (comes with pattern and fabric) or you can just buy the pattern and then re-use it! Sussex is a very lovely place to live, particularly East Sussex where we are, and we have the South Downs National Park at the top of our road and some beautiful coastline and beaches surrounded by the Downs…it makes up for it being a very busy part of the country to live in. Although you sound like you live somewhere lovely too…. maybe not too far from the sea? Dorset is beautiful. Kate xx

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