iPad cover with pocket :: simple design that makes a great gift

I was so pleased with how my first iPad cover turned out that I made two!

It’s that time of year when there’s a lot of birthdays on the horizon and I have to get my thinking cap on for gifts. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me a gift is not about how much you spend but how much thought goes into the actual gift….. When I’m giving to someone I know well I find this much more enjoyable because I feel I can give something more personal. So, (although this has long past, please bear with) I had made these iPad covers for Christmas for a family member and friend (lucky owners of an iPad…oh I wish for one of these soooo much!) and thought I would share the end results with you. Yes, I think these might come in very handy for some of those birthdays I was talking about……

: : This is the front of the cover with a roomy pocket to store your charger or any other little items you might need it for : :


: : The cover is secured with a magnetic closure and is fully lined with same green spotty fabric as the pocket, but you could easily use a third fabric to add variety : :

ipad cover 3

: : And here are the two covers back and front…apologies for the slightly dodgy pictures…I’m pleased to say that my friends were thrilled with their pressies and I’m one happy lady : :

ipad cover 2What do you think? I chose these colours as the people in question are very fond of blues and greens but I can see these in brighter colours too, and would love to try adding some ric rac or pom pom trim… like I have with my sewing machine cover (see below)

And here it is……you may have noticed in my ‘About Me’ blurb that I spoke of my new sewing machine? well, it had to have a cover….and this is what I came up with…and yep, it’s got a pom pom trim on the front pocket!

machine cover

Now, please excuse the busy background….I made this in a workshop BEFORE my machine had actually arrived! I like to be prepared!

The weekend was glorious here in sunny Sussex last week and I can’t finish this post without sharing some of the beautiful things we saw on our afternoon out in the countryside…..for it was a productive two days spent out enjoying the long awaited for spring weather. We don’t really care what the weather’s doing as come rain or shine we always take a flask of hot tea with us and something to snack on! but it helped there were sun beams this time….

sussexsunny boyriver walk
And you’re not imagining it….that is my smelly dog tied to the tree in the background! He had just waded through some truly stagnant foul smelling mud trench, and was jumping around next to us whilst we were sitting drinking our tea (the flask!!) so had to be restrained temporarily!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and my makes….please feel free to comment if you feel inclined. It has been lovely seeing that there are actually people who have seen my blog and want to follow it! I have been so flattered knowing that someone has enjoyed what they’ve seen/read….THANK YOU!!


20 thoughts on “iPad cover with pocket :: simple design that makes a great gift

  1. Wonderful iPad covers and seeing machine cover! I also loved your bunting and knickers (were they easy? Im not much good at stretch sewing) Welcome to the world of blogging, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    • Oh Janette, thank you!!! You are officially THE FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT and that makes you very special!! I am now jumping with glee! I have never stretch sewed before either so it seemed rather a challenge….but, it actually wasn’t as difficult as I thought. The knicker kit came from http://www.trixielixie.co.uk and they give you a link to a really short, simple and very good tutorial on how to do it. I’m planning on making some more now I have the pattern and maybe tweaking the pattern a bit for a slightly different shape/style. When I make the next pair I may try and do a tutorial. You should give them a go! Thank you again for your lovely comments. I love your blog. I’ve been following you for a little while now. I only took up crochet last year and blogs like yours have been an inspiration and great help in improving my crochet skills. It’s quite a step starting your own blog and I was really anxious no one would look at it or like it…but I’ve actually got some followers now too! It’s so flattering x

    • Thank you!! so lovely to hear!! I was really pleased with how the sewing machine cover turned out…it was quite tricky getting the curved side panels attached neatly to the straight top and side spot panel….required a lot of pinning and re-pinning with a lot of pins and a lot of pricked fingers! I used a pattern from one that is sold through the lovely and I’m sure it could be made to fit most machines. I have a Husqvarna E20 (apologies for bad spelling if it’s wrong! I’m really grateful for your comments xx

      • Your very welcome!!! Yes fitting a curved piece to a straight one can be quite tricky! Looks like you did a great job! Angel

      • Thanks Angel. Yes, I reckon next time I have to deal with fitting curves to straights (square peg, round hole sound familiar?!) I would hopefully get less injured! x

  2. i really love the ipad covers and thought i might try and make one for my kindle which has a leather case to protect it but is ugly. my sewing skills aren’t up to much but will try anyway . yours are fab.love the sewing machine cover and mine could do with one so might try that as well. i don’t know where you get the magnetic closure from for the ipad cover?? perhaps amazon
    We have two spaniels one cocker and one cavalier and yes they do seem to love stagnant ponds!!! plenty of them around here in norfolk .

    • Thank you, thank you, for your lovely comments!!
      Stinky spaniels…you gotta love them!! The sewing machine cover and ipad cover patterns I got from my lovely local haberdashery and fabric shop, and I know for certain they sell the magnetic closures! They do sell online and you can also look them up on Facebook if you use that, under Owl and Sewing Cat. Their telephone number is 01323 325342. I reckon you could easily adapt the ipad cover pattern for a kindle (though I expect you’re probably niftier than I and able to do from scratch!) x

  3. Angel and Pippa, I’m not sure why the link I gave wouldn’t go through so shall try again!!
    It’s http://www.owlandsewingcat.com for the website for the fabric and haberdashery shop I was talking about for project patterns and magnetic closures for things like the ipad cover. They do have a Facebook page if you just put in their name. They’re very helpful and very friendly! xx

  4. I love your sewing makes! I like to sew too if I can find the time ~ did you watch The Great British Sewing Bee? Great to see you have a smelly dog in the family ~ Lol! ~ we have two collies ~ one of them just loves to roll in anything unpleasant given the chance! Spaniels love the water don’t they? Xx

    • Oh Claire, my Tuesday nights were not the same after the Sewing Bee finished!! It was a great programme and it appears to have sparked a huge interest in sewing again. I love sewing and I’m trying to get into making more of my own clothes…just look at those Liberty fabrics you featured in your recent post…who wouldn’t want to be wearing something made out of those beautiful prints and colours?! I love making other smaller projects…I could just spend all my free time doing that…it’s the finding the time that’s the tricky part! Smelly dogs…you gotta love them, despite the pong and muck! xx

  5. Do you reckon this could be adapted to make a camera case? Do you fancy a commission?? I’m completely dyslexic with my “right sides together” let alone wadding and pockets! 😀

    • You should have seen me putting it together!! I reckon there was a lot of me with furrowed brow if you’d been a fly on the wall!! A camera case??!! Sure, why not…..I’m up for the challenge! Will have to take some measurements xx 🙂

  6. Love the pom pom on the front of your sewing case, such a cute touch. Also, why do dogs always have to run in the stinkist stuff ever? I used to have a Springer as a child and she did exactly the same thing!

    S x

    • Sandra, I do apologise for calling you Claire in my reply to your previous comment!! I was texting my friend Claire at the same time…whoops! I am in love with pom poms, they’re like 3D polka dots! I’ve recently bought a pom pom maker that makes the dinkiest pp’s! I love your blog. You have clearly spent a lot of time and effort making it so attractive and your tutorials are great and easy to follow. I might upgrade to make mine more user friendly and personal if my blog gets more popular! It is so rewarding to have just one or two people following you, let alone several and receiving comments! Kx

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