My Colette ‘Laurel’ dress pattern has arrived and it’s looking good!!!

It’s arrived!! I’ve taken the plunge after reading so many glorious reviews for the ‘Laurel’ dress by Colette, I decided to buy it and make my own………

The Laurel dress by Colette

The Laurel dress by Colette

It’s not just the dress that looks to be a gorgeous design…oh no, the pattern and instruction booklet is a work of art in itself and like nothing I’ve seen before!! Just look at what you get…….

Pattern book back page

Pattern book back page

For those of you new to Colette patterns (like me), I’ll explain why I’m so impressed……I had no idea how the pattern was packaged and presented….imagine my surprise when I opened the package and out popped this wonderful ‘booklet’ style pattern instructions and paper pattern (you can get downloadable versions I understand). Being a total newbie to independent pattern designers and companies, this was such a welcome change. Having recently decided to start sewing again, clothes I mean, I’ve spent a lot of time lately pouring over what patterns are out there….usually in a shop and looking at Burda, McCalls and Simplicity for example. I was quite shocked at how much these patterns cost now…..£8.00 plus!! I don’t always feel the choice is that great and find that a lot of these patterns have at times, quite a lot of unhelpful information in them, sometimes, not greatly proof read either! However, these are not to be scoffed at as there’s some fab designs out there. Yet, I can find it quite frustrating the way they’re laid out or can use sewing terms I’m not familiar with! (such as with an American pattern) I like simple, I like well laid out…something a lot of these patterns are not, and that just means I’m thinking ‘complicated’ before I’ve even picked up a pair of scissors!!

Enter Colette patterns!! Presented in the lovely booklet form, with well laid out instructions, tips and definitions of terms used etc…. like this….

Laurel pattern 'tips' example page

Laurel pattern ‘tips’ example page

and this…..

Laurel pattern 'definition' example page

Laurel pattern ‘definition’ example page

An example of how the pattern helps you with some of the terminology used…. How about that then heh?? There’s even a ‘notes’ section at the back of the booklet for making your own, well, notes!! see…….

'Notes' page in the Laurel pattern booklet

‘Notes’ page in the Laurel pattern booklet

I think that is so thoughtful and even more useful! and the pattern itself is tucked in it’s own back pocket as you can see from the pic above.

There’s help on customising your own fit……

Custom fit guide in the Laurel pattern booklet

Custom fit guide in the Laurel pattern booklet

Now you can see why I think this pattern is so lovely? I had no idea! Clearly I still have to make the dress but as a beginner/advanced beginner (lapsed), it makes a huge difference if I feel more confident after looking at a pattern rather than…err, what was the word?? that’s it…confused!!

To top this off (as if it really could be topped off), the lovely Susan from is including a free gift with all pattern orders in June AND entry to a prize draw for a copy of the Great British Sewing Bee book! and this was MY free gift……

Turquoise heart buttons from Sewbox

Turquoise heart buttons from Sewbox

Aren’t they divine?? turquoise heart buttons. I love collecting buttons….what would you use these for I wonder??

I’ll keep you posted with progress on my dress!

Hope you all enjoy a glorious sunny weekend whatever you’re up to??!!
Kate x

8 thoughts on “My Colette ‘Laurel’ dress pattern has arrived and it’s looking good!!!

  1. Hey, that looks like fun to make, and I know exactly what you mean about patterns. Good luck and enjoy sewing 🙂

  2. I’ve often admired Colette patterns and the Colette Sewing Book in our local haberdashery shop but have yet to try one so it’ll be great to see how you get on. Have you chosen any fabric yet? I’d love to make a dress 🙂 Claire xx

    • Hi Claire, no I’ve not chosen any fabric yet. I am totally in love with linen which is probably quite boring when you think of all the beautiful choice of patterned fabrics there are out there! I just love linen for the summer…it looks expensive and you can get away with crinkles and creases (which abound a plenty in linen don’t they?!) it’s cool when it’s hot and it washes well and great to sew with….just a few reasons….I have a lovely cloud grey linen and a fabric shop in a neighbouring town has a fab toffee colour….but yet to decide! The pattern suggests lightweight probably quite drapey fabrics but I’ve seen hundreds in whole variety of fabrics….the Laurel dress has its’ own Flickr group! Having browsed through some of the pattern instructions it seems so well written. Do you sew many clothes Claire? are you a pro?? Kate xx

      • I love linens – sounds like a great choice. I used plain linen to show off the yarn in the clutch bag I made. I love patterned & vintage fabrics too. I’m certainly no pro lol! I made a blouse at school and some patchwork and more recently some dresses for my little girl. I’d love to do more but not enough hours in the day! Looking forward to seeing how you get on xx

    • I know what you mean Claire….my head is bursting with plans and projects for sewing and crochet and just can’t figure out when and where!!! or how!!! or which is first!! I’ve found I have certain places I do certain things…like kids’ swimming lessons I like to do granny squares to pass the time (I savour that time!) it’s so lovely to see I’m not the only one who grapples with shall I start cooking supper now or can I just finish the odd row or two first??! Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

  3. I remember when I got my first Colette pattern, I was also floored by how beautiful it was! I don’t think I could ever go back to commercial patterns to be honest!
    Have fun sewing your Laurel too, it was great for me :).

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