Burda Summer Linen Dress “sew easy” sew what went wrong? or in the words of my children….”epic fail!”


Friday started well. My day off, and I had promised myself to allow myself 2 hours to cut out and make a start on the linen dress that I have been harbouring a pattern for…for ages!!


I had chosen some lovely grey linen and some rather random buttons of which I only needed one but have yet to decide on which one….

I spent time, a lot of time, carefully pressing the linen (which quickly proves to be a waste of time!) but that’s linen for you…..laying out fabric, pattern pieces and finally cutting….

This is where it all goes wrong!!!!!
I have to wait until today to start to sew….I’ve transferred pattern markers with thread, removed my first pattern piece from the back of the dress and then horror strikes!!!!! Oh my ****! expletive, expletive! I cannot believe what I am looking at…..

I have cut the wrong pattern piece on the fold!!!!!!
So, now, I am stumped….I have managed not to cry but I am stuck and so angry with myself. How, just how did I do this?? I’m no great seamstress, but I’ve never done this before.
This is where I could really do with some help please!!
The front of the dress should have been cut on the fold and the back in two pieces….I have done the reverse!!! The back of the dress as you can just make out in the pattern black and white picture has a seam straight up the middle just to where it meets a small opening to allow for buttoning it up to slip over your head. I can cut the back piece in two I’m sure with no problem, but the front? This should be cut on the fold so one front piece and is gathered at the neckline in the middle to form some pretty folds (?) If I seam up the middle to rejoin the fabric, will this not totally throw out the gathers/folds and look incredibly strange with a seam up the middle?!! I can’t think of any other way because I’m such a basic sewer…..if anyone has any ideas or advice I would be so grateful!!!! It’ll either be ok or just look plain odd, there’s not much to lose I guess as I’ve already spoilt it. I’m so gutted….and I was hoping to wear this to a job interview on Friday!!! I am going to return to my crochet project….at least I can unpick any mistakes!
Just total pants. K x

8 thoughts on “Burda Summer Linen Dress “sew easy” sew what went wrong? or in the words of my children….”epic fail!”

  1. Oh no! I was wondering how you were getting on with your dress. I hope someone can offer some good advice. Errors like that are so easily done though, I’m sure we’ve all been there, even the best seamstresses/knitters/crocheters…. Don’t be too hard on yourself & good luck with your interview 🙂 Hugs xxx

    • Claire, these are comforting words!! Thank you 😊 you are right of course, we all make mistakes and it is because of this we get better! At least, that’s what I’m hoping! I’ve recently started a lovely crochet granny shrug, slow going, as I have to squeeze in between all the other projects I have bursting from my tiny brain! However, it took me about 4 attempts to get it right just for the first 3 rounds…I had to unravel and unravel and start again and then again! Got there in the end and it clicked! Some of the time it was just missing a stitch! thank you for your well wishes re my interview….nervous as anything…hate them! Kate xxxx

  2. I did the exact same thing to a fabric that my boyfriend bought for me as a gift. I can’t fix mine at all :(, and I always feel incredibly guilty about it. I think you will have to have a center front seam, but the good news is it probably would not look as odd as you think because of the gathers – it shouldn’t throw the balance off and it is likely it will be disguised actually by the gathers, at last up at the top. Also it shouldn’t look so odd because of the rough weave of the linen – it won’t be as obvious as on a plain solid cotton.

    I’m sorry I can’t think of anything else, but chin up! I honestly think it won’t look as bad as you describe based on pattern and fabric, and also I am 99.999% sure we’ve all done this. Another infuriating part of sewing!

    • Oh Tiff, thank you!!! I did think that perhaps the central seam would not look so obvious amongst the gathers!! My other option I’d since thought of was a central pin tuck (is that what you call it??!) a bit like a dart! I’m not sure if that’s the correct term but I’m sure you know what I mean! I have to laugh really as last night I pinned a new board on Pinterest for my love of linen, and all dresses lineny! (just made up a new word there!) Poor you and the loss of your gifted fabric :(( as it’s even worse when something is a special gift. I guess the moral of this story is make sure I read the pattern and read it again…maybe a check list that contains the line…please check your fold is on the right side of the fabric dumkopff!! I really appreciate your advice…I’ll let you know how I get on :)) xxxx

  3. I think a center front seam will be fine, you will have the gathers and I suspect when its finished the only person who will know that the seam isnt supposed to be there will be you. I have a skirt cut out in my draw of unfinished things that I cut out without the stretch (ie the stretch went up and down not across) there’s no coming back from that!!!

    • The lovely thing about blog land is that you can get such helpful supportive advice!! I’m going to go with the front seam and be done with it! It’ll either be ok or I’ll be super fussy and not like it! But better than just leaving it. Thanks Janette for your encouraging words. By the way, I messages you on Facebook, did you get it?? Kate xx

  4. I’ve done this before where I’ve had oddly shaped remnants to use up, and nobody has ever noticed. In fact I stopped noticing after a while! You could even make a feature of the seam with binding or extra buttons if you’re brave! Good luck, the linen is lovely. x
    ps. Thank you for your wonderful crochet encouragement on my blog!

    • Thank you Jane! I like the idea of a centre strip or buttons idea! I shall certainly consider that now. I do hope you have been inspired to keep going with your crochet. What I love about all this is people inspiring and encouraging each other to keep trying or having a go at something. I shall look forward to seeing your progress. K x

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