about me….

Hello, my name is Kate. I work in the NHS and live by the sea with my 3 children and my (smelly) english springer spaniel and two rabbits.

I LOVE sewing…it calms me, focuses me, helps me relax and gives me an immense sense of achievement when I’ve made something.

If you’re starting out..stick with it..it’ll be worth it..I learn something new each time I sew or just improve a technique. This blog is my way of sharing what I’ve learnt..I never stop being amazed at what you can learn and share from the sewing community. Bringing together people from all walks of life, different shapes and sizes, ages and experience and all with one love…sewing!

Anyone that cares to offer advice, tips, you name it, will be warmly welcomed! In fact, if you’re reading this blog, that’ll be an achievement in itself for me!

So welcome…take a look….let me know what you think….

Kate x

6 thoughts on “about me….

    • That’s so kind of you yo say. It’s early days, but it’s so flattering to receive such positive feedback. It’s blogs like yours that have inspired me so much. Kate x

  1. Like you I am sewing again now I have more time. Just finished the Colette Sorbetto top (free download) and very proud of my achievement , not least downloading and sorting out the pattern! Going to start another in different colour now. Great for my hols!

    • Thank you for commenting. It’s the time I struggle with so much to find….I can start something and then can’t finish it for days!! One of the reasons I crochet too, as it’s portable! I love the Colette patterns…I guess once you’ve used them it’s quite hard to go back to wearing shop bought clothes. I have made a promise to myself to get some things made and I think that will be the turning point! Kate x

  2. Hi Kate, I have an idea I really want to bring to life…expect I can not sew at all. Do you take on any projects? Thanks, Tanya

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