Introducing the ‘Myrtle’ granny square :: Bobble-shell edging

Hello! This is a short shortish post today…..

If you read my post yesterday you might remember I was talking about and showed a piccy of a granny square I was experimenting with some new colours I had (some of which were a small stash donated by my lovely friend, Jen, my crochet guru and tutor, love her). Anyway, today I had another sneaky hour of crochet and came up with this…………..

‘Myrtle’ granny square

ImageIt took a bit of practice to get the numbers right, but I got there eventually (and I actually wrote it down in ‘The Notebook’ so I wouldn’t forget what I’d done! and I’m really quite pleased with the end result…what do you think? I know the colour layout is not exactly in the traditional style of the granny square but I loved the blue/green centre piece and was going to do the whole square in one block colour, but then changed my mind, but I’m looking forward to trying different colour combinations and patterns.

Bobble-shell edging

ImageNow, because I was playing around I then fancied adding an edging to it…again, this is probably not going to be something you would do if you were doing lots of these with the intention of putting together for a blanket or a cushion cover, as the edging would get in the way I guess (??) anyone ever tried doing this? I guess it could be done….so I had a little peruse on  Pinterest for edging, and boy were there a lot, and so much beautiful choice! in the end I chose the bobble-shell edging from Lucy at Attic24 as not only was it very pretty but her tutorials are exceptionally easy to follow, thanks Lucy! I hope she’d like what I’ve done with it.

ImageAs I’ve written down the instructions for this I was thinking if I might dare actually put a tutorial for it on my blog…what do you think?? When I took up crocheting a year ago, I found very detailed (photos) yet simple tutorials invaluable. It’s quite a thing to get it right, but I feel I’d like to take my experiences of trying out tutorials as a newbie and write my own. Granny squares were what I just couldn’t get enough of at the time…the thrill of making these little squares of colour having just learnt to crochet, was huge! I’m not sure if I’ve got the courage to do it but then again, it’s a great way of getting feedback on the tutorial style and content. Hmm….I shall see what opinions might be on this and think about it. In the meantime, I plan to do more of these squares, make a pile  and maybe actually use them to make something! And the name? well, a granny square is a granny square I guess, but my darling little Myrtle (baby bunny) was lying stretched out in the sun by my feet whilst I was making this, and as I do so love my greys (and my Myrtle)  I thought I’d name it after her…sad case that I am!

Thank you my fellow bloggers for taking the time to read this. Until the next time, Kx

Sew a little happines :: sunshine makes :: needle case

The weather has been so beautiful the last few days…just perfect bank holiday sunshine. However, I felt my sewing machine calling me and I decided to start getting on with making a summer top….photos to follow once finished and approved! It involved far more preparation than I had thought….I think it took me around 2 hours just to set everything up, machine, ironing board, laying everything out on the table, ironing the pattern and fabric, pinning and cutting out…phew! as they say…it’s all in the preparation!!

The sun has been beaming into my front room filling the place with warmth and how lovely to not have to have the heating on! hooray! The dog has enjoyed finding his rightful place stretched out on the carpet enjoying the rays….it’s a hard life Muts!


I love the way the sunlight catches our little mirror mobile….the reflection casts tiny patches of sunlight all over the sitting room which my youngest always says looks like fairies!


Ok, so there’s a little artistic licence with the camera work and editing but it seems so pretty I had to share it!

The title of this post is ‘sew a little happiness’ and I wanted to share with you some of my more smaller sewing makes, which I have given as a gift…hence the sew a little happiness theme.

Needle case


This was made for a lovely friend who has just recently discovered the joys of sewing…I just embellished with some ribbon trim and velvet ribbon loop for the button closure.



blue needle case back

And here’s one I made earlier….



I do apologise for the wonky size pictures and picture quality….they were taken on a dull day….I just can’t seem to be able to get the edit right on here and make sure all my pictures are the right size or in the right place!! I reckon I need to go back to the drawing board and try and find where I’m going wrong!

Up and coming…I have a little crochet make on the go which should be finished shortly….pictures to follow.

In the meantime, thank you for stopping to read this and thank you again for all the lovely comments I have received so far….it’s really rewarding to be complimented in this way…I feel like I have a little blogland family growing by the day!

Kate x

Crochet jar cover :: tea light crochet cover :: and jar trim :: put those jam jars to good use

Forgot to add these quick makes…..

First up, the jam jar cover (for a Bonne Maman jam jar) that although in this photo contains some faux flowers, can also be used as a tea light holder….it casts a really pretty light when the lights are low….


This really quick, simple and cute pattern is one of Lucy’s from her fabulous blog Attic24 and looks so pretty in single block colour as well. If you add a ribbon trim that you literally weave through the top of the cover, that looks fantastic too.

This really only took me a about an hour (but then I have only been crocheting a year) If you are new to crochet, Attic24 is a brilliant blog (see above) for easy to follow picture tutorials that make it simple.

And here’s a jar ‘trim’ that is decorative and can be used on tea light holder/votives (as mine is here) or just leave straight as a decorative trim for a fireplace, shelf front…anywhere you fancy injecting a bit of colour!

jar trim

This is another pattern from Lucy at Attic24 and I added a few french knots of my own in a sparkly yarn a friend gave me from her stash…I thought it added a little extra ‘je ne s’ais quoi!’ and was pleased with the finished look. It’s all very red, but as you’ve probably gathered, I’m a little in love with all things red!!

jar trim 2

jar trim 3

That’s me done for the day…… and just want to say a very big ‘thank you’ to those lovely people who have commented on some of my earlier blogs..It has been so rewarding to post something and find that someone else likes it!!

Simple crochet wrist cuff :: flower button

What a truly glorious day it has been today here in sunny Sussex…..

In between making the most of the weather and getting the washing drying outside, yes outside! wey hey! I took some time to take in the peace and quiet of my much loved Fridays (day off) to sit in my lounge and enjoy a cuppa sitting in the sunbeams….


Whilst sitting, it is impossible for me not to pick up the crochet bag and start a little chain or two and before I know it I’ve crocheted a small rectangle….then I add some edging, then a loop, followed by adding this sweet flower button….a wrist cuff!!


I’m not sure it it’s a little plain….or too much like a Wimbledon sweat band!! I thought about adding a crochet flower (got some lovely roses I’ve crocheted) or some pompoms as I have two very cute small pompom makers…but not sure yet…what do you think??

ImageI was a bit disappointed with the colours in the pic…the green was a really lovely pea green that just won’t come out as that colour in this photo…hmm…about time I got round to finding the lead for my proper camera rather than using my phone…it’s just not quite the same!

Still, I’m quite pleased with how it came out. I could do one with a picot edge or other slightly more artistic edging. It could be more narrow too…the possibilities are endless…

It’s a great starter pattern for someone new to crochet, I just made it up as I went along and I might try and put it down as a beginner tutorial…..