Crochet tea light jar cover….am I the oldest teacher’s pet??

Today was the end of term for my two boys….they have been coming out of school all week laden with bags, books, cards, and more books! Most importantly they each won a class year medal…one for ‘effort’ one for ‘citizenship’ their faces when they showed me….so proud of themselves as am I!

I was given a gift by one of their teachers….a beautiful butterfly lavender! I’m a lavender lover, a lover of lavender….

The scent is gorgeous…..

It is always very touching to be thought of like this, especially when it’s unexpected as we’re normally the ones giving the presents!

I find this whole present idea quite a challenge. What do you give the person you’ve perhaps only met a handful of times?

I decided to buy one thing and make one thing….so the make one thing was this crochet jar cover….and it was very well received I am happy to say!

I found the pattern and fantastic picture tutorial over on Lululoves do take a look at this blog…photography is wonderful, beautifully presented, packed full of helpful information and some brilliant tutorials! This jar cover tutorial also has a pdf version to download. Just click on the link Lululoves for her brilliant picture tutorial.

Whilst talking about crochet…for any of you new to crochet or even thinking about starting or just love reading and sharing with other like minded people about crochet, take a look at this fantastic crochet event taking place online, Crochet Camp 2013 and get involved. It’s been running since beginning of July and is ongoing, with advice, support and tutorials and projects for you to follow at your own pace; everything from basic stitches to type of yarn….There’s also a Facebook page, so take a look!! Whoops, I digress!! where was I? Oh yes, my jar cover…..

I used a Debbie Bliss cotton yarn in a sort of nude pink? for the jar cover. It is easy to use and creates a lovely finished stitch and helps to bring out the shell pattern. Unfortunately I didn’t get time to take pics with a tea light in and lit as it was broad daylight! I’m really pleased with finished result though, especially the lovely ribbon trim I had lurking around in my stash!

It’s been another warm hot and emotional day for many children and parents whose children are leaving school to move on to secondary school. This evening brought a welcome cooler temperature and breeze and as the sun was setting the sky was amazing, a ‘beau ciel’ filled with an almost, explosion of clouds of different shapes and sizes….wonderful….can you see the one that looks like it has tentacles??

What has today brought for you? Have you had to run the gauntlet of the end of term teacher’s presents? What are you planning for the school holidays?

Kate x

Crochet granny bunting triangles…’s cold, it’s wet, it’s June….but there’s always room for some of these to inject a bit of cheer….ooh, and a Cub camp blanket!

Goodness, it has been a long very long time since my last post… I’ve been very preoccupied with all sorts of things and not had much time to do too much on the creative front.

We very sadly and very unexpectedly lost our darling little French lop rabbit, Myrtle…….


Such a shock….we’d not had her long and she was only 3 months old. I was more taken by surprise as to how upset I was, and for days…..but then if you have animals they do become part of your family and that’s the way it should be. The children were so sad, particularly my youngest son. So we brought her home and buried her in the back garden beneath the raspberry shrub….mini crochet bunting was made and a little pot of pink faux flowers….and the children popped little shells in with her, collected from our holiday last year in Brittany, each individually kissed as they were placed next to her. I am constantly amazed at just how beautiful children can be in thought and word and deed….


The picture quality is awful and doesn’t do it justice. They made a little willow arch (as she loved to nibble away at this). It didn’t last too long as the heat of the one day of warm sun we had quickly wilted it but hopefully the little bunting will last longer….

This brought me to having a go at some normal size bunting, crocheted granny triangles, to be precise, as the mini version was so sweet. I’d seen this pattern over at pinkfluffywarrior and loved her designs especially with the flowers added. So I decided to have a go at some and was rather pleased with the results….what do you think?




Quite pleased with these even if I do say so myself! They’re a great stash user upper and evening/pool side time passer….I’m just going to keep making them as I fancy and see where they end up….probably my daughter’s birthday?

Meanwhile, the middle one had a Cub camp last week. Cub camp blankets are a must but they’d all sold out, everywhere! So I decided to make one. It would be bigger, far lovelier and personal and he was SO happy with it!! Result!


I even personalised it with his initial! It’s a gorgeous teddy fleece material which I bound the edges with a suitable ‘cub’ colour! Tricky to sew as very thick fleece and boy, the fluff it shredded everywhere! Still, it was a resounding success as was the camp! One happy smokey smelling boy returned home happy, if not a little grubby!

Enjoy your weekend…..whatever you’re up to, K x

Crochet granny triangles :: pompom trimming :: lace :: Beginners sewing guide fab find!

Half term is almost over, which despite being a full on time at home, is a long awaited week away from work, time with the children and a break from old routine….. We’ve spent a lot of time outside, including in the garden, which is such a joy to just sit in the sun…and crochet


This was me following Lucy’s latest crochet triangle bunting pattern over at
Attic24 and I was having a little tea and crochet time with some odds and ends of yarn.

Even the dog was enjoying the rays…..


I took an afternoon trip to Brighton with my man and the eldest one, for some lunch and a much wanted browse through the lovely Dïtto Fabric shop in the North Laines. I just adore this shop….they’ve just celebrated their 30th year and I remember being a regular visitor when they first opened, buying little squares of fabric off cuts and ribbon to make lavender bags! My wedding dress was made using some of their fabric and a wonderful dressmaker who had her studio just round the corner…..and came as a recommendation from the shop.

Still have the dress….but not the figure!!!

Anyway, I digress. I popped in there as I needed a few trimmings for some projects that needed finishing off….but it’s so hard not to just buy their little bags made up using a mélange of ribbons, lace, etc….a sort of pick ‘n’ mix! I managed to contain myself and just ended up with these…..



Isn’t this pom pom trim divine?? All washed down with some beautiful stretch elastic lace….the green is a beautiful chartreuse but unfortunately it doesn’t show up so well in the photo…



Lovely heh? I’m saving this lace as I’d love to have a go at making a pair of Tap pants (after my success with my Trixie knickers….just need to find a pattern I like.

A visit to a friend had me rehoming a piece of fabric she no longer wanted and was lying enticingly by the recycle bin, and I couldn’t resist!! It’s a small piece only but could be used for all sorts of little things…. I need a sunglasses case so could go on a make for that….
Here it is…….


See what I mean? Gorgeous colours and prints…..this came from Dïtto fabrics but sadly it’s a discontinued print 😦 still, I could just look at it in all its’ turquoise splendour!! So maybe adding it onto a cushion cover to maximise its’ daily viewing….what would you use it for I wonder?

Finally, I received a brilliant package in the post in the week….it’s a vital resource to get into sewing clothes which are more than just two pieces of fabric stitched together!! Actually I’m being a bit unfair on myself….. I have put in zips, waistbands, button holes, binding and sewn elastic in the Trixie knickers, but not yet tackled sleeves, collars and more complex patterns….and it’s been a while since I’ve made any clothing. I desperately want to get into making as many of my own clothes as possible. I’ve got a couple of items to start and complete but felt I could do with a handy reference book….which is why I bought this……



I did quite a lot of research into good sewing reference books and this Reader’s Digest got lots of rave reviews. From what I’ve read so far it does seem really very good….detailed but with great easy to understand explanations and it also gives you cross references when looking something up…..such as if you’re looking up making bias strips, it will give you page and reference for clipping or making notches in fabric for arm holes for instance….brilliant! So there’s really no excuse for me to not get going…..just need to make sure I actually take some time to start….and do it!!!

Hope you all have had a great half term, whether you have any ankle biters or not!! Kate x

Vintage crochet finds & make your own camera case challenge!!

The ‘vintage’ cardigan….oh I do love eBay

Every now and then I manage to find little gems on eBay or in a charity shop that have friends remarking on how lovely something is and where did I buy it from….. I always feel a sense of satisfaction when I tell them it was second hand from one of the above…one of my recent finds was this little crochet cardigan…cute heh?

vintage cardi 1 vintage cardi 2 vintage cardi 3

It originally came with a large voile like ribbon on it, which I have taken off because it did give it rather a ‘bed jacket’ type look!! I need to have a think about what else to use to ‘button up’ the cardigan if I need to…ribbon, button or something…and I may even embellish it a bit with some crochet roses…hmm, need to have a think about that. In the meantime, I just used a little brooch I have to close it.

But I couldn’t stop there………

Oh no…I then found this original 1970’s crochet shrug (I guess you’d call it) or maybe a wrap?? whatever it is, it’s lovely. Thick, fluffy yarn that has come in very handy during the recent ongoing cold weather, when I’ve been sat in bed reading….perfect for keeping those shoulders warm! I’m thinking that this little number will also come in handy for the summer evenings (well, eventually it may turn summery!!) over a summer dress….

vintage shrug @ the polka dot room

vintage shrug @ the polka dot room

This photo doesn’t really show it off to it’s best, but that’s the best I can do without having to get too much of myself in the picture!! oh ladies…what are we like??!!

Moving on to my ‘productivity’ days….aka my day off or the day I do not go to work….I think this shall now be named ‘Frantic Fridays’ as this is the day I try and catch up with all the things I have had little chance to do in the week…you know, the day that you look around the house and realise that all the cleaning and tidying you did last weekend has now worn off and ‘things’ are creeping across the floor and hemming you in again! whilst still desperately hoping to find an hour or two to actually make something!!!

Frantic Friday :: Make your own camera case….but watch those measurements!!!

Hmmm…well, yes, the reason I say watch the measurements, is that a dear friend of mine asked if I could make her a camera case for her new present. I was more than happy to oblige. Camera delivered. Measurements taken. Notebook out. Work commenced.

camera case @ the polka dot room

So far, so good………

camera case make @ the polka dot room

And that is where things started to go a bit…well..wrong! Magnetic closure in…check…until I realised I’d put one in the wrong side of a fabric piece!! which meant that the case now was not polka dots on the outside and lined in the green and cream, but half polka dot and half lining fabric for the outside!! And then the final nail in the coffin?? it was too small for the camera!!!! arghhhh! Gosh, I’m really not sure how this happened. I had taken such care over the measurements…perhaps it was that I had got my seam allowances wrong when the batting was in place…who knows!

camera case make @ the polka dot room

Not too sure about the button…I think it might be a bit much, or maybe it’s just too large, or overly fussy…so that might come off! The back of the case should have been spotty, but I guess that makes it ‘quirky’ !! Overall, I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on myself…it was not bad for a first attempt I guess…back to the drawing board…..

I then came along this quote on my Pinterest recommendations, which I thought very apt for me…..

Make beautiful things poster

And finally……. talking of beautiful…..

Popped to the ‘Tennis Cafe’ at our local park today, providing ice creams for the middle and smallest ones….I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this beautiful rose on our table, as the sun shone through it’s petals…….

beautiful orange rose @ the polka dot room

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend my lovelies, and here’s hoping the sun keeps shining, Kate x




I’ve just been nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award by Gray over at  and to say I am a little surprised is an understatement!!! Thank you Gray…thank you so so much…it is extremely flattering and such a confidence boost when you’ve just started a blog :))  and I cannot say thank you enough!!!!

It took me a lot of umming and ahhing to decide whether I should start up my own blog. I’m sure you can understand where I’m coming from…..I have loved and learnt so much and continue to love and learn so much from other blogs about the things I love to do…crochet, sew, craft….I only wish I had more time to do these things. So to finally decide that maybe someone else may be inspired to pick up some yarn or get out their sewing machine, after reading my blog…well, you couldn’t really ask for more! this is what happened to me. I started reading my first blog….Lucy @ Attic24,  after a dear friend taught me my first crochet basics just over a year ago. Lucy is pretty infamous, but I have learnt a great deal from reading her posts and wonderful tutorials. I am only just getting started but have more and more confidence every day. So, here’s to all those wonderful teachers and tutors of all things creative….ThAnKyOu…..ThAnKyOu

Well, what would an award be without rules, right?  So… on to those!

Copy & Paste This Whole Post and Replace All Your Information — who awarded you, for example.

1. Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you.
2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions.
3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post.
4. Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) other deserving bloggers.
5. Notify your Super Sweet nominees on their blog.


1 – Cookies or Cake?
CAKE!! always cake and always chocolate!! and coffee cake would come a close second!

2 – Chocolate or Vanilla?
CHOCOLATE of course!!

3 – Favorite Sweet Treat?
Green & Blacks 58% Milk Chocolate or their Butterscotch milk chocolate…

4 – When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most?
With a cup of tea!! totally english I know and probably extremely predictable, but after a long walk there’s nothing like stopping on route, opening a flask of tea and eating something chocolatey!

5 – Sweet nick name?

I’ve been called KitKat…but my all time sweetest name is my children calling me “mumma” I love this!

Now for the hard part.  So MANY deserving of this award, and too many really to choose from, but here goes…..  (and I am not nominating Gray @ graycrochet because I am assuming that is not allowed!) sorry Gray.


  1. Sandra at Cherry Heart
  2. Angie at Le Monde de Sucrette
  3. MaLora at Bird and Bicycle
  4. Emily at Creates and Bakes
  5. Joanne at Stitch and Twitter
  6. Claire at Knit and Purl Garden
  7. Amy at Cloud Cou Cou Crafts
  8. Pippa at Auntie Pippa
  9. Alison at My Home Makes
  10. Claire at Claireabelle Makes
  11. Ali at Very Berry Handmade
  12. Janette at The Green Dragonfly
  13. Lucy at Attic24

Congratulations to all my nominees….you have given me much longed for and looked forward to bedtime reading…a pleasure at the end of my day to indulge in colour, creativity, inspiring posts and projects and a window into the lives of like minded individuals….I love it and I love your blogs! Thank you again to the lovely Gray for nominating me and giving me this award. I shall treasure this. Bonne Nuit xx


Make your own Easter bunnies :: something to tell…….

Ok, so Easter has long gone but we could be mistaken for thinking the weather has yet to realise this ?? 

Anyway, Easter bunnies….well, every now and then my children ask me to make them a little something and these were the end result of the most recent request….having not got my blog up and running in time to coincide with Easter, they have had to wait (that and the fact that when I was making them, I was actually sat on a ferry to France and the only photos I had appeared to include rather a large crowd in the background or plates of food in the cafeteria!)….so I eventually got round to taking a few more photos once back on dry land…and here we are…..


Now, I know what you might be thinking….where are the eyes?? well, the children requested they didn’t have any as they felt they would be softer to cuddle in bed! so oblige I did and left them off…but I think they still work very well and they are made of very soft, fluffy, teddy fabric. I think they would make a great present for a baby as they don’t have any eyes or bits to swallow! The ribbons were stitched in a bow so they wouldn’t come undone but they can be removed. The funny thing with this fabric is that it was actually too much for my machine to handle so I had to hand stitch and stuff. Delightfully theraputic (though by the time I came to the last one I was beginning to get a blister!)

ImageThe pattern was a free download from a crafty website that a friend found. They come in 3 different sizes and were originally intended as a shelf/windowsill decoration and suggested making in a patterned cotton (hence they weren’t supposed to have eyes) but I thought they would make a great Easter bunny cuddly gift (bearing easter eggs of course!) 

ImageEach had different ribbon to aid identification and who belonged to who! You know how particular children can be….. I think they were a huge hit and they have pride of place at the head end of their beds = definition of success!














…..not the real thing but far less messy…..





and finally……. 

I have some really exciting news….but I can’t divulge it just yet…bursting as I am to share…I need to do a few things before I post about it, but watch this space…all will be revealed very soon! 

Thank you for stopping and listening…. Kate x


Simple crochet wrist cuff :: flower button

What a truly glorious day it has been today here in sunny Sussex…..

In between making the most of the weather and getting the washing drying outside, yes outside! wey hey! I took some time to take in the peace and quiet of my much loved Fridays (day off) to sit in my lounge and enjoy a cuppa sitting in the sunbeams….


Whilst sitting, it is impossible for me not to pick up the crochet bag and start a little chain or two and before I know it I’ve crocheted a small rectangle….then I add some edging, then a loop, followed by adding this sweet flower button….a wrist cuff!!


I’m not sure it it’s a little plain….or too much like a Wimbledon sweat band!! I thought about adding a crochet flower (got some lovely roses I’ve crocheted) or some pompoms as I have two very cute small pompom makers…but not sure yet…what do you think??

ImageI was a bit disappointed with the colours in the pic…the green was a really lovely pea green that just won’t come out as that colour in this photo…hmm…about time I got round to finding the lead for my proper camera rather than using my phone…it’s just not quite the same!

Still, I’m quite pleased with how it came out. I could do one with a picot edge or other slightly more artistic edging. It could be more narrow too…the possibilities are endless…

It’s a great starter pattern for someone new to crochet, I just made it up as I went along and I might try and put it down as a beginner tutorial…..

Bespoke bunting :: so easy to make something beautiful for your home

Today the sun was out then the clouds came and the heavens opened… I decided it was the perfect day to get on and finish my most recent project….some gorgeous bunting for my friends birthday. It doesn’t matter how often I make bunting, I always love choosing the fabric and creating something pretty. This bunting is ‘bespoke’ because I chose colours that my friend had in her lounge…I just hope she likes it!

Here are some of the ‘flags’ made and ready to attach to the bias binding….

Bunting flags

Aren’t they gorgeous prints and colours? I used three fat quarters of fabric in total (one of each print) and purchased these from the lovely which is a wonderful shop….I dare anyone to go in there and come out empty handed!

I pinned on the cotton bias binding (I prefer cotton than polyester mixes as poly/cotton binding can stretch and move more when stitching; cotton is quite a lot easier and can be of great help to someone new to machine sewing.

flag and binding attach

Then I stitched the binding to the flags or flags to the binding, whichever way you want to look at it!

I then considered what type of finish I should do for the end of the binding….leave them plain on the ends or make some sort of loop so that the bunting can be ‘hooked’ up?? I decided on making little loops and then hand sewed some small buttons (purely for decorative purposes of course!), to finish off the loops.

I think the end result looked really neat and individual….what do you think?

button loop

button loop 2

Finally, I had to try out the bunting and take some photos before wrapping it up….it would have been rude not to, I think! I got a bit carried away with the pics but the bunting looked so lovely (pics not great but am afraid it was a bit of a gloomy light due to the rain!)

bunting stairs 2 bunting stairs bunting wall 1 bunting wall 2 bunting wall 3

Then it was time to fold it up carefully and wrap, ready for my friend to enjoy……..

all wrapped up

** I loved the fabrics so much that I may just buy some for myself and make some mini bunting…hmm, yes, this sounds like a very good plan. So, hope you like my ‘bespoke’ bunting…it’s so easy and quick to do and a great first time project for the novice sewer. I love the way the colours all come together and it is such an effective way of injecting some colour and individuality to your home or wherever you fancy putting it! I’ll never tire of making it. I might try and get a small tutorial together for it soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post….I’m very new to this still!