Simple crochet wrist cuff :: flower button

What a truly glorious day it has been today here in sunny Sussex…..

In between making the most of the weather and getting the washing drying outside, yes outside! wey hey! I took some time to take in the peace and quiet of my much loved Fridays (day off) to sit in my lounge and enjoy a cuppa sitting in the sunbeams….


Whilst sitting, it is impossible for me not to pick up the crochet bag and start a little chain or two and before I know it I’ve crocheted a small rectangle….then I add some edging, then a loop, followed by adding this sweet flower button….a wrist cuff!!


I’m not sure it it’s a little plain….or too much like a Wimbledon sweat band!! I thought about adding a crochet flower (got some lovely roses I’ve crocheted) or some pompoms as I have two very cute small pompom makers…but not sure yet…what do you think??

ImageI was a bit disappointed with the colours in the pic…the green was a really lovely pea green that just won’t come out as that colour in this photo…hmm…about time I got round to finding the lead for my proper camera rather than using my phone…it’s just not quite the same!

Still, I’m quite pleased with how it came out. I could do one with a picot edge or other slightly more artistic edging. It could be more narrow too…the possibilities are endless…

It’s a great starter pattern for someone new to crochet, I just made it up as I went along and I might try and put it down as a beginner tutorial…..