And along came the “Mini Myrtle” granny square…..

Remember my recent post with my “Myrtle” granny square?

The Myrtle granny square

Well, I had some really  positive feedback on it, thank you! and have since been dabbling with some more….generally looking at colour combinations or block colour, but have kept them a little smaller, hence the “mini” Myrtle…….

Mini myrtle 1 mini myrtle 2

Please accept my apologies for the floor photos…..does my wooden floor really look that “shabby”??!! seems so, and that’s going to be something to work on at some point too!

Anyway, back to the granny squares…….

These are just some of the colours I have been trying out in a block colour….not sure if the photos do the colours justice (that’ll be the phone camera) but they are a beautiful buttery yellow, a french grey and a pistachio (?) green……

I’ve used a double knit (dk) wool and wool/mix Sirdar and Debbie Bliss yarns.

mini myrtles 3

I really enjoy using cotton yarn ordinarily as I find it a little easier to crochet with than wool or wool mixes, but that probably has something to do with my inexperience ( as I have only been crocheting for a year), well, that’s my excuse!

Not having any cotton yarn at the moment in colours that I fancy, I’ve gone with these yarns, but I think they’ve worked quite well.

**I would like to point out that I haven’t finished weaving in the ends of the yarn yet, so you might be able to see the odd scraggy ends poking out here and there!!** And I haven’t put a border on these squares as I had in my larger version….but I think I’ll try

mini myrtles 4

I’m just making these smaller versions (3 rounds plus the centre) as I find them quite addictive! I take them to the swimming pool when the children are having lessons, watching tv, in bed, anywhere that I might find myself just hanging around!  I can’t stop myself!!

Is it just me or does anyone else find these a bit of an obsession??

I have now mastered the art of the ‘Magic Ring’ which I love as it’s so neat and tidy. What I intend on doing with these granny squares I am not yet sure. I would like to put them together for a cushion for my daughter…perhaps not these colours…oh dear, that means I must make more and… some more yarn? surely not?!

Watch this space folks…. night night, Kate x

Introducing the ‘Myrtle’ granny square :: Bobble-shell edging

Hello! This is a short shortish post today…..

If you read my post yesterday you might remember I was talking about and showed a piccy of a granny square I was experimenting with some new colours I had (some of which were a small stash donated by my lovely friend, Jen, my crochet guru and tutor, love her). Anyway, today I had another sneaky hour of crochet and came up with this…………..

‘Myrtle’ granny square

ImageIt took a bit of practice to get the numbers right, but I got there eventually (and I actually wrote it down in ‘The Notebook’ so I wouldn’t forget what I’d done! and I’m really quite pleased with the end result…what do you think? I know the colour layout is not exactly in the traditional style of the granny square but I loved the blue/green centre piece and was going to do the whole square in one block colour, but then changed my mind, but I’m looking forward to trying different colour combinations and patterns.

Bobble-shell edging

ImageNow, because I was playing around I then fancied adding an edging to it…again, this is probably not going to be something you would do if you were doing lots of these with the intention of putting together for a blanket or a cushion cover, as the edging would get in the way I guess (??) anyone ever tried doing this? I guess it could be done….so I had a little peruse on  Pinterest for edging, and boy were there a lot, and so much beautiful choice! in the end I chose the bobble-shell edging from Lucy at Attic24 as not only was it very pretty but her tutorials are exceptionally easy to follow, thanks Lucy! I hope she’d like what I’ve done with it.

ImageAs I’ve written down the instructions for this I was thinking if I might dare actually put a tutorial for it on my blog…what do you think?? When I took up crocheting a year ago, I found very detailed (photos) yet simple tutorials invaluable. It’s quite a thing to get it right, but I feel I’d like to take my experiences of trying out tutorials as a newbie and write my own. Granny squares were what I just couldn’t get enough of at the time…the thrill of making these little squares of colour having just learnt to crochet, was huge! I’m not sure if I’ve got the courage to do it but then again, it’s a great way of getting feedback on the tutorial style and content. Hmm….I shall see what opinions might be on this and think about it. In the meantime, I plan to do more of these squares, make a pile  and maybe actually use them to make something! And the name? well, a granny square is a granny square I guess, but my darling little Myrtle (baby bunny) was lying stretched out in the sun by my feet whilst I was making this, and as I do so love my greys (and my Myrtle)  I thought I’d name it after her…sad case that I am!

Thank you my fellow bloggers for taking the time to read this. Until the next time, Kx

Crochet surprise, granny square and meet Myrtle

I’ve been pootling around today, making the most of some well earned time off work…time to recharge those batteries and focus on some other things for a change…after a huge (and I mean huge) amount of time spent de cluttering ‘The Back Room’ aka the pit; sorting through children’s toys and more toys oh and toys with bits missing or broken, that have long been outgrown…it was a bit terrifying to be honest because it started from looking quite bad (actually very bad) and at one point I had actually become trapped in the pit, surrounded by bags for recycling, bags for rubbish, bags for charity, bags for friends’ children (yep, that’s what you do…pass your ‘stuff’ onto some other poor unsuspecting parent!) Anyway, after eventually contorting my body in order to escape the pit, and some 4 hours later (bearing in mind I’d done 2 hours plus yesterday), I made it out of what shall now be called, A Clean and Organised Room, to a half hour of crochet time and a well earned cuppa…. Remember I mentioned the new yarn I had started using yesterday on my ‘Soon to be Revealed Little Crochet Project?’  well, here’s the start of it………

It’s a bit difficult to describe the colour as it doesn’t look quite the same in the picture but it’s a very pale lavender/pink from Debbie Bliss in an organic eco cotton… it’s quite ‘strandy’ as in the yarn tends to separate quite easily when using it if you’re not careful, but I do love the colour and you can just see the beginning of what I’m working on…any ideas what it might be?? All will be revealed, and it is only small, I do warn you, but I plan to embellish it…stay tuned!

ImageThis is the same yarn with a little granny square I’ve been playing around with some colour combinations…..

There’s a heather in the centre, then the lavender and then a very pretty soft grey…I don’t know about you but I really love experimenting with different colours and it’s really refreshing to use less primary colours or brights sometimes…and I’m beginning to think that these earthy type colours are the way I’m heading for a bit. I do love bright colours but we are blessed now with so many more greys, heathers, greens, browns and blues (to name a few) that I feel it only fair to give them a chance in my projects.

I recently bought myself some humungus (not sure if that’s the right spelling!) storage bags…well two, but I’ve currently misplaced one of them! However, I’d forgotten where I’d put them and have at least found one! And here it is…..

ImageNow, this mumma is BIG…I have a multitude of uses I could use it for but guess what it’s current role is? Yep, fabric stash! well, at least it looks pretty, even if you could actually fit a small child in it! best part is not only is is pretty to look at AND very useful, it is also made of 90% recycled plastic..yay! big tick! Have a look at the print close up…you’ll want to buy one, or two…


Told you! it’s very pretty isn’t it ? i love the little bird and I have one in a duck egg blue with same print….all I have to do is find it!!

Finally, before I sign off…you might have wondered who Myrtle is?? well, this is she……. **there now follows rather a large gap that I can’t appear to correct**


and yes…she is real! This is our (well, my), new addition to our rabbit kingdom…a baby French lop who is the palest of grey (told you I was very keen on these colours), with grey eyes….she has the biggest feet, ears that appear to have a life of their own at the moment and the longest eyelashes I have ever seen on a rabbit! If rabbits can be pretty then she is most definitely working her beauty. Yes, she is lying on my bed in the photo…but I had no choice in the matter as The Smallest one brought her upstairs to greet me first thing!

ImageDid I mention the whiskers??!! Sorry, I had to inflict another pic on you all….!!

Whilst this blog is generally about sewing, crochet, crafting, these little furries are quite a significant part of that, as they’re usually trouncing around my feet, jumping on the sofa or on my lap whilst I’m making whatever it is I’m making…that and they (she) is just one of them and they do look quite sweet (apologies if you are not a rabbit lover!)

Time to go and get on with my project….. I also have been asked by a dear friend if I can come up with a camera case (in the style of my ipad cover) for her…a challenge I have happily taken on…..and look forward to sharing here when it’s done.

Enjoy your evening whatever you’re doing!