Make your own Easter bunnies :: something to tell…….

Ok, so Easter has long gone but we could be mistaken for thinking the weather has yet to realise this ?? 

Anyway, Easter bunnies….well, every now and then my children ask me to make them a little something and these were the end result of the most recent request….having not got my blog up and running in time to coincide with Easter, they have had to wait (that and the fact that when I was making them, I was actually sat on a ferry to France and the only photos I had appeared to include rather a large crowd in the background or plates of food in the cafeteria!)….so I eventually got round to taking a few more photos once back on dry land…and here we are…..


Now, I know what you might be thinking….where are the eyes?? well, the children requested they didn’t have any as they felt they would be softer to cuddle in bed! so oblige I did and left them off…but I think they still work very well and they are made of very soft, fluffy, teddy fabric. I think they would make a great present for a baby as they don’t have any eyes or bits to swallow! The ribbons were stitched in a bow so they wouldn’t come undone but they can be removed. The funny thing with this fabric is that it was actually too much for my machine to handle so I had to hand stitch and stuff. Delightfully theraputic (though by the time I came to the last one I was beginning to get a blister!)

ImageThe pattern was a free download from a crafty website that a friend found. They come in 3 different sizes and were originally intended as a shelf/windowsill decoration and suggested making in a patterned cotton (hence they weren’t supposed to have eyes) but I thought they would make a great Easter bunny cuddly gift (bearing easter eggs of course!) 

ImageEach had different ribbon to aid identification and who belonged to who! You know how particular children can be….. I think they were a huge hit and they have pride of place at the head end of their beds = definition of success!














…..not the real thing but far less messy…..





and finally……. 

I have some really exciting news….but I can’t divulge it just yet…bursting as I am to share…I need to do a few things before I post about it, but watch this space…all will be revealed very soon! 

Thank you for stopping and listening…. Kate x