And along came the “Mini Myrtle” granny square…..

Remember my recent post with my “Myrtle” granny square?

The Myrtle granny square

Well, I had some really  positive feedback on it, thank you! and have since been dabbling with some more….generally looking at colour combinations or block colour, but have kept them a little smaller, hence the “mini” Myrtle…….

Mini myrtle 1 mini myrtle 2

Please accept my apologies for the floor photos…..does my wooden floor really look that “shabby”??!! seems so, and that’s going to be something to work on at some point too!

Anyway, back to the granny squares…….

These are just some of the colours I have been trying out in a block colour….not sure if the photos do the colours justice (that’ll be the phone camera) but they are a beautiful buttery yellow, a french grey and a pistachio (?) green……

I’ve used a double knit (dk) wool and wool/mix Sirdar and Debbie Bliss yarns.

mini myrtles 3

I really enjoy using cotton yarn ordinarily as I find it a little easier to crochet with than wool or wool mixes, but that probably has something to do with my inexperience ( as I have only been crocheting for a year), well, that’s my excuse!

Not having any cotton yarn at the moment in colours that I fancy, I’ve gone with these yarns, but I think they’ve worked quite well.

**I would like to point out that I haven’t finished weaving in the ends of the yarn yet, so you might be able to see the odd scraggy ends poking out here and there!!** And I haven’t put a border on these squares as I had in my larger version….but I think I’ll try

mini myrtles 4

I’m just making these smaller versions (3 rounds plus the centre) as I find them quite addictive! I take them to the swimming pool when the children are having lessons, watching tv, in bed, anywhere that I might find myself just hanging around!  I can’t stop myself!!

Is it just me or does anyone else find these a bit of an obsession??

I have now mastered the art of the ‘Magic Ring’ which I love as it’s so neat and tidy. What I intend on doing with these granny squares I am not yet sure. I would like to put them together for a cushion for my daughter…perhaps not these colours…oh dear, that means I must make more and… some more yarn? surely not?!

Watch this space folks…. night night, Kate x