I have a Leibster award darling, [not a lobster!] and worth far more!!

Oh I’m chuffed right now…happy, content, thrilled, delighted…but why? Well, I have many reasons for feeling like this and to be grateful for but this one is all mine…I have recently been nominated for a Leibster award!!


I was nominated by the wonderful Laura over at Two In The Hand and like me, has not long set off along the crazy road that is sewing your own wardrobe! so a big ‘thank you’ to you Laura!!!

I have just celebrated my first year blogging, and it’s been a strange and exciting relationship I have with my blog…I’ve stop started with my sewing and been a bit despondent at times, and for all sorts of reasons, but now feel the I’m on the right path again towards making clothes I love and want to wear…which was what it was all about to start with!!

When I started blogging, I kept seeing these little images dotted around on the blogosphere, and wondered what it meant…truth be known, I didn’t really check it out…until now!


So what does this award mean? Well, this is a blogging award given by bloggers to other newer bloggers…generally with a following of less than 300…answer some questions given to you by your nominator and nominate 3-5 bloggers of your choice…and ask them some questions…a kind of chain letter but without the bad vibes or threats that something bad will happen if you don’t accept it or pass it on! The award highlights new blogs and helps get them noticed, thereby increasing their audience! Every blogger’s dream I’d say! Im going to follow Laura’s format (as it were) so here goes !!!

My questions from Laura…..
What is your favourite sewing tool or accessory?
Hmm…it seems as though it’s been my seam ripper lately but I’d say my gorgeous little Baby Bow
scissors recently purchased from Merchant & Mills


Do you listen to music or watch TV/films when you are sewing?
Oh I’m a huge radio listener…often it’s Friday’s and Sunday’s I sew the most so it’s either Radio 2 ‘Show tunes’ on a Sunday as a fave or Radio 6, particularly World Music…usually something on those stations

Who is your favourite designer or style icon?
Ooh…that’s tricky..it would mean me trying to define my own style and I’m not sure I’ve found it yet! However, it would have to be The Sex and the City girls!!! All of them at some point or another wear clothes to die for…vintage, avant garde, eclectic, tailored, colour…



What is the garment you most want to conquer and sew a version of?
This would be a vintage style or actual vintage dress…basically a fitted bodice with zip and a full gathered or pleated skirt…and some sort of sleeve! This is my next challenge as I love these types of dresses…one or all of these….

By Hand London Elisalex dress…

Simplicity 2444…

Christine Haynes Emery dress…

What blogs other than sewing ones are in your feed?
Pretty much crochet and knitting blogs!! I’m self taught with my crochet and improved no end and knitting is my next to master! Attic24 was where I started my crochet adventure and I follow all sorts of other crochet related blogs now!

So there you have it! Hopefully you know a little bit more about me now and would be keen to follow my progress… All that’s left for me to do now is nominate some of my own fave blogs for a Leibster award and ask them some questions…therefore I nominate the following…my lovelies you are nominated for a Leibster award!!!

1. Elizabeth at Sewn by Elizabeth love her vintage style dresses and fabric choices.
2. Alice at The Virtual Princess and the Pea again, another sewist with a fab taste in vintage style clothes and super fabrics as well as a rockin’ taste in footwear!
3. Lili at Frocks and Frou Frou Lili has a great style and sews all kinds of different styles and shapes of garment…she did a wicked vintage swimming costume!
4. Hanne at Een nieuwe jurk colour, style, dresses and a great taste in tights!
5. Ange at Clothed in Rubies vintage style dresses and tonnes of print and colour!

So there are my lovely bloggers I follow and wish to nominate….clearly they’re all more experienced than me but I kind of love the fact that I have found some blogs that have the style I aspire to!

Now the questions for my Leibster award nominees…
1. What is the the dress pattern you would recommend the most?
2. What’s the worst thing you have ever made and why?
3. If you could dress like any woman in history, who would it be?
4. Out of the four Sex and The City lead women, who would you be?
5. Where and what would your ultimate holiday be?

That’s it!! Can’t wait to hear your replies!!!

Kate xxx

Polka dot Coco dress and she’s risking it with lace…

Ok, so she’s been a fair time in the making…but my Tilly and The Buttons Coco dress is finally completed and had her first outing yesterday, just in time for Easter…

The rain finally subsided and the sun came out, as did my daughter and the camera! My Coco took a bit longer than planned, largely, as always, due to time restraints…with my three children and their after school/evening activities and my work plus all the other stuff that gets in the way of sewing time…it’s grabbing minutes here and there! I had to re-draft some of the pattern to allow for the different top and bottom sizes! also made a few boobs which involved unpicking and starting again, and had a bit of a challenge getting my sleeves to fit…but I did it and am rather pleased with the result! I sourced a great large polka dot knit with minimal stretch from Ditto fabrics in Brighton, which I’m lucky to live not far away from! I knew nothing about knit fabric (well, I didn’t, but I do now!) and the fabric I chose was not quite what I thought it would be. It feels like it’s mainly a poly knit? soft on the inside but a tad in danger of being a bit shiny on the outside perhaps…..but then it doesn’t need ironing so that helps!

I’m totally new to knits and never sewn with them before and this pattern is aimed at people just like me so win, win!


I was pleased with how I managed to lengthen the pattern with little difficulty and it worked!
Next came the tape for the shoulder seams…I didn’t have the proper elastic stay tape so used some ribbon I had instead as suggested in the pattern as an alternative.


Tilly suggests attaching the funnel collar with the collar seam lined up with one of the shoulder seams on the dress. However, I decided to line up the collar seam so it was at the back of the dress, centrally…make sense?? to me, that was aesthetically more pleasing and avoided more bulk as the shoulder seam with the ribbon tape in the shoulder seams felt a little too bulky attaching the collar seam here. It worked well and when the funnel collar is folded over as you wear it, you can’t really see the seam.


I have found that the collar does sort of ‘flop’ a bit when I’m wearing it…I’d possibly consider putting in interfacing in future to keep it more stiff and ‘standing’….it could be the fabric is a little too floppy or too heavy…hmmm…not sure, but I saw a Coco that Karen made and she used interfacing, although not for the same reason, but it gave me the idea that this could work to keep the collar stiffer.

I didn’t do the pockets because ideally I really wanted them in a contrast colour but couldn’t quite find what I was looking for so,rather than halt the make by having to find from another source, I left them out. Instead, I decided to experiment with some lovely chartreuse green stretch elastic I had in my stash…

Does it work? well, getting it attached was the first hurdle…a stretch elastic to a stretch knit…challenge!!! but I did it! With the help and advice from some lovely sewists blogging friends (they’ll know who they are!) I attached using a zig zag for attaching elastic to fabric…I had a few practice runs and didn’t quite have the perfect match thread but it doesn’t look too bad! First I was going to trim the sleeve cuffs and then went the whole hog and decided to trim the hem of the skirt too! Not sure if the hem is too much…haven’t decided yet if I should keep or take it off, what do you think? but the overall effect is certainly different and that’s what I wanted!

I think this is a lovely dress and pretty straightforward to make. I was SO pleased with my sleeves…it’s the first time I’ve made something with sleeves and probably a baptism by fire using a knit fabric for my first time! Putting them in did require a few attempts at re-pinning…I cut the same size sleeves as bodice but seemed to have too much ease on the bodice and not enough of the cap? of the sleeve to fit! despite all my notches matching! careful re-pinning using a lot of pins and gently easing and stretching the sleeve as I went, and bingo! The finished result was smooth and flat with not puckering and a perfect fit…wey hey!!!!

I’m not sure if this dress is quite right for me…it’s so comfortable and warm and although I cut a size smaller for the bodice and graduated at the waist to the next size up for the skirt section, it still feels a little big around the bust…I’m not sure I was quite ready to manage altering the bust again with a knit yet, so left it. The dress looks so lovely on so many people I’ve seen post pics and I’m still trying to find the style and fit of a dress that suits me best…I think I prefer a more fitted bodice and fuller skirt for a dress, but that is my personal preference for my short waist and tubby middle! This is a lovey dress pattern and I love the whole 60’s A-line dress look, but perhaps not so much on me…


This was a dress and make that taught me some new skills…

* I lengthened a dress pattern for the first time by adding an extra 2 inches as apparently this dress does come up quite short
* I re-drafted the bodice to waist to skirt size to fit me
* My first ever sleeves….panic over!!!!
* Sewing a stretch lace to a stretch knit fabric
* Sewing with a knit fabric

All in all I’m chuffed to bits with my achievement…and if you’re new to sewing with knits and considering it, then give this dress a go! Tilly’s accompanying pattern booklet and instructions are brilliant and super easy to understand…as always, with great pictures for guidance. I didn’t use her blog this time for help but honestly felt the tips and instructions in the booklet were ace and I didn’t need to refer to her blog; but it’s there if you need it.

And at the end of the day of her first outing, I rounded it off in true Easter style with some great chocolate Easter cake and a cup of tea…..


Thanks for stopping by. It’d be great to hear what you think of my polka dot Coco!!

Kate x

Fun, Fabs and a pretty Gathered Bag

Mini Fabs in the garden were the order of the day today….boy has it been hot! Even the dog was drinking out of the paddling pool….sensible boy!

Fun time spent at my sister-in-laws at their biannual Village Fayre…there was a dog show, falconry displays, competition tent….best ginger cake, best rhubarb, best single rose……

‘Tequila Sunrise’ single rose 1st prize went to my lovely sister-in-law….well done lovely lady!

Marvellous. The WI tent, band, and even the ‘Green Barrows’ the most hilarious but talented group of men in red overalls, and Biggles goggles and headwear, charging around with green wheelbarrows in formation! Set on the village green…a brilliant afternoon.

It was my sister-in-laws birthday so I decided to make her a present, I much prefer that personal touch. She’s a cloth bag kind of girl so I chose this lovely bag to make from my local great independent fabric, wool and haberdashery shop The Owl & Sewing Cat that stocks great patterns for all sorts of home accessories and bags, clothing, children’s and baby accessories….do take a look. They also stock wool and gorgeous fabrics and supplies as well as running sewing workshops. Anyway, back to my bag. I purchased the pattern from The Owl & Sewing Cat and this is The Gathered Bag and it’s rated as an intermediate level. I chose a lovely Elephant print hot pink fabric for outside of bag and a sage stripe lining, finished with grey ribbon trim and hand made bow.

Gathered bag lining

Ribbon trim and hand made bow

The finished bag!

Really pleased with this. It took me longer than I thought….largely because I started it at a Sewing evening in Lewes. A friend invited me to this monthly event of like minded sewing lovelies….each bringing along a sewing project they were working on, a pinnie, a child’s dress, hankies, cushion, and my friend was making this gorgeous Cath Kidston ‘Stitch’ pattern quilted bag….I’ve yet to see her finished item but it was looking fab! Anyway, a lovely evening, however, I’ve realised it’s easy to get distracted in a big group…so I missed cutting out a pattern piece for starters and I cut it incorrectly and spoiled the fabric….had to later seam two pieces together to get the ‘fold’ I needed back for the missing piece! Yikes! Still, I saved it, but after a discussion with my friend we both agreed that sewing is often a solitary past time, filled with concentration and thought and maybe we need to learn to talk less and focus more if we do the group thing again!!! I had to catch up the next evening as a result of my distractions!! Although we plan to start our own ‘Drop Everything & Sew!’ (think that’s what we’ll call it) evening in our home town!

Do any of you take part in group sewing nights or days?
What have you been up to this hot weekend? Any crafty projects in the making?

Burda Summer Linen Dress “sew easy” sew what went wrong? or in the words of my children….”epic fail!”


Friday started well. My day off, and I had promised myself to allow myself 2 hours to cut out and make a start on the linen dress that I have been harbouring a pattern for…for ages!!


I had chosen some lovely grey linen and some rather random buttons of which I only needed one but have yet to decide on which one….

I spent time, a lot of time, carefully pressing the linen (which quickly proves to be a waste of time!) but that’s linen for you…..laying out fabric, pattern pieces and finally cutting….

This is where it all goes wrong!!!!!
I have to wait until today to start to sew….I’ve transferred pattern markers with thread, removed my first pattern piece from the back of the dress and then horror strikes!!!!! Oh my ****! expletive, expletive! I cannot believe what I am looking at…..

I have cut the wrong pattern piece on the fold!!!!!!
So, now, I am stumped….I have managed not to cry but I am stuck and so angry with myself. How, just how did I do this?? I’m no great seamstress, but I’ve never done this before.
This is where I could really do with some help please!!
The front of the dress should have been cut on the fold and the back in two pieces….I have done the reverse!!! The back of the dress as you can just make out in the pattern black and white picture has a seam straight up the middle just to where it meets a small opening to allow for buttoning it up to slip over your head. I can cut the back piece in two I’m sure with no problem, but the front? This should be cut on the fold so one front piece and is gathered at the neckline in the middle to form some pretty folds (?) If I seam up the middle to rejoin the fabric, will this not totally throw out the gathers/folds and look incredibly strange with a seam up the middle?!! I can’t think of any other way because I’m such a basic sewer…..if anyone has any ideas or advice I would be so grateful!!!! It’ll either be ok or just look plain odd, there’s not much to lose I guess as I’ve already spoilt it. I’m so gutted….and I was hoping to wear this to a job interview on Friday!!! I am going to return to my crochet project….at least I can unpick any mistakes!
Just total pants. K x

My Colette ‘Laurel’ dress pattern has arrived and it’s looking good!!!

It’s arrived!! I’ve taken the plunge after reading so many glorious reviews for the ‘Laurel’ dress by Colette, I decided to buy it and make my own………

The Laurel dress by Colette

The Laurel dress by Colette

It’s not just the dress that looks to be a gorgeous design…oh no, the pattern and instruction booklet is a work of art in itself and like nothing I’ve seen before!! Just look at what you get…….

Pattern book back page

Pattern book back page

For those of you new to Colette patterns (like me), I’ll explain why I’m so impressed……I had no idea how the pattern was packaged and presented….imagine my surprise when I opened the package and out popped this wonderful ‘booklet’ style pattern instructions and paper pattern (you can get downloadable versions I understand). Being a total newbie to independent pattern designers and companies, this was such a welcome change. Having recently decided to start sewing again, clothes I mean, I’ve spent a lot of time lately pouring over what patterns are out there….usually in a shop and looking at Burda, McCalls and Simplicity for example. I was quite shocked at how much these patterns cost now…..£8.00 plus!! I don’t always feel the choice is that great and find that a lot of these patterns have at times, quite a lot of unhelpful information in them, sometimes, not greatly proof read either! However, these are not to be scoffed at as there’s some fab designs out there. Yet, I can find it quite frustrating the way they’re laid out or can use sewing terms I’m not familiar with! (such as with an American pattern) I like simple, I like well laid out…something a lot of these patterns are not, and that just means I’m thinking ‘complicated’ before I’ve even picked up a pair of scissors!!

Enter Colette patterns!! Presented in the lovely booklet form, with well laid out instructions, tips and definitions of terms used etc…. like this….

Laurel pattern 'tips' example page

Laurel pattern ‘tips’ example page

and this…..

Laurel pattern 'definition' example page

Laurel pattern ‘definition’ example page

An example of how the pattern helps you with some of the terminology used…. How about that then heh?? There’s even a ‘notes’ section at the back of the booklet for making your own, well, notes!! see…….

'Notes' page in the Laurel pattern booklet

‘Notes’ page in the Laurel pattern booklet

I think that is so thoughtful and even more useful! and the pattern itself is tucked in it’s own back pocket as you can see from the pic above.

There’s help on customising your own fit……

Custom fit guide in the Laurel pattern booklet

Custom fit guide in the Laurel pattern booklet

Now you can see why I think this pattern is so lovely? I had no idea! Clearly I still have to make the dress but as a beginner/advanced beginner (lapsed), it makes a huge difference if I feel more confident after looking at a pattern rather than…err, what was the word?? that’s it…confused!!

To top this off (as if it really could be topped off), the lovely Susan from http://www.sewbox.co.uk/ is including a free gift with all pattern orders in June AND entry to a prize draw for a copy of the Great British Sewing Bee book! and this was MY free gift……

Turquoise heart buttons from Sewbox

Turquoise heart buttons from Sewbox

Aren’t they divine?? turquoise heart buttons. I love collecting buttons….what would you use these for I wonder??

I’ll keep you posted with progress on my dress!

Hope you all enjoy a glorious sunny weekend whatever you’re up to??!!
Kate x

Vintage crochet finds & make your own camera case challenge!!

The ‘vintage’ cardigan….oh I do love eBay

Every now and then I manage to find little gems on eBay or in a charity shop that have friends remarking on how lovely something is and where did I buy it from….. I always feel a sense of satisfaction when I tell them it was second hand from one of the above…one of my recent finds was this little crochet cardigan…cute heh?

vintage cardi 1 vintage cardi 2 vintage cardi 3

It originally came with a large voile like ribbon on it, which I have taken off because it did give it rather a ‘bed jacket’ type look!! I need to have a think about what else to use to ‘button up’ the cardigan if I need to…ribbon, button or something…and I may even embellish it a bit with some crochet roses…hmm, need to have a think about that. In the meantime, I just used a little brooch I have to close it.

But I couldn’t stop there………

Oh no…I then found this original 1970’s crochet shrug (I guess you’d call it) or maybe a wrap?? whatever it is, it’s lovely. Thick, fluffy yarn that has come in very handy during the recent ongoing cold weather, when I’ve been sat in bed reading….perfect for keeping those shoulders warm! I’m thinking that this little number will also come in handy for the summer evenings (well, eventually it may turn summery!!) over a summer dress….

vintage shrug @ the polka dot room

vintage shrug @ the polka dot room

This photo doesn’t really show it off to it’s best, but that’s the best I can do without having to get too much of myself in the picture!! oh ladies…what are we like??!!

Moving on to my ‘productivity’ days….aka my day off or the day I do not go to work….I think this shall now be named ‘Frantic Fridays’ as this is the day I try and catch up with all the things I have had little chance to do in the week…you know, the day that you look around the house and realise that all the cleaning and tidying you did last weekend has now worn off and ‘things’ are creeping across the floor and hemming you in again! whilst still desperately hoping to find an hour or two to actually make something!!!

Frantic Friday :: Make your own camera case….but watch those measurements!!!

Hmmm…well, yes, the reason I say watch the measurements, is that a dear friend of mine asked if I could make her a camera case for her new present. I was more than happy to oblige. Camera delivered. Measurements taken. Notebook out. Work commenced.

camera case @ the polka dot room

So far, so good………

camera case make @ the polka dot room

And that is where things started to go a bit…well..wrong! Magnetic closure in…check…until I realised I’d put one in the wrong side of a fabric piece!! which meant that the case now was not polka dots on the outside and lined in the green and cream, but half polka dot and half lining fabric for the outside!! And then the final nail in the coffin?? it was too small for the camera!!!! arghhhh! Gosh, I’m really not sure how this happened. I had taken such care over the measurements…perhaps it was that I had got my seam allowances wrong when the batting was in place…who knows!

camera case make @ the polka dot room

Not too sure about the button…I think it might be a bit much, or maybe it’s just too large, or overly fussy…so that might come off! The back of the case should have been spotty, but I guess that makes it ‘quirky’ !! Overall, I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on myself…it was not bad for a first attempt I guess…back to the drawing board…..

I then came along this quote on my Pinterest recommendations, which I thought very apt for me…..

Make beautiful things poster

And finally……. talking of beautiful…..

Popped to the ‘Tennis Cafe’ at our local park today, providing ice creams for the middle and smallest ones….I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this beautiful rose on our table, as the sun shone through it’s petals…….

beautiful orange rose @ the polka dot room

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend my lovelies, and here’s hoping the sun keeps shining, Kate x




I’ve just been nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award by Gray over at http://www.graycrochet.wordpress.com  and to say I am a little surprised is an understatement!!! Thank you Gray…thank you so so much…it is extremely flattering and such a confidence boost when you’ve just started a blog :))  and I cannot say thank you enough!!!!

It took me a lot of umming and ahhing to decide whether I should start up my own blog. I’m sure you can understand where I’m coming from…..I have loved and learnt so much and continue to love and learn so much from other blogs about the things I love to do…crochet, sew, craft….I only wish I had more time to do these things. So to finally decide that maybe someone else may be inspired to pick up some yarn or get out their sewing machine, after reading my blog…well, you couldn’t really ask for more! this is what happened to me. I started reading my first blog….Lucy @ Attic24,  after a dear friend taught me my first crochet basics just over a year ago. Lucy is pretty infamous, but I have learnt a great deal from reading her posts and wonderful tutorials. I am only just getting started but have more and more confidence every day. So, here’s to all those wonderful teachers and tutors of all things creative….ThAnKyOu…..ThAnKyOu

Well, what would an award be without rules, right?  So… on to those!

Copy & Paste This Whole Post and Replace All Your Information — who awarded you, for example.

1. Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you.
2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions.
3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post.
4. Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) other deserving bloggers.
5. Notify your Super Sweet nominees on their blog.


1 – Cookies or Cake?
CAKE!! always cake and always chocolate!! and coffee cake would come a close second!

2 – Chocolate or Vanilla?
CHOCOLATE of course!!

3 – Favorite Sweet Treat?
Green & Blacks 58% Milk Chocolate or their Butterscotch milk chocolate…

4 – When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most?
With a cup of tea!! totally english I know and probably extremely predictable, but after a long walk there’s nothing like stopping on route, opening a flask of tea and eating something chocolatey!

5 – Sweet nick name?

I’ve been called KitKat…but my all time sweetest name is my children calling me “mumma” I love this!

Now for the hard part.  So MANY deserving of this award, and too many really to choose from, but here goes…..  (and I am not nominating Gray @ graycrochet because I am assuming that is not allowed!) sorry Gray.


  1. Sandra at Cherry Heart
  2. Angie at Le Monde de Sucrette
  3. MaLora at Bird and Bicycle
  4. Emily at Creates and Bakes
  5. Joanne at Stitch and Twitter
  6. Claire at Knit and Purl Garden
  7. Amy at Cloud Cou Cou Crafts
  8. Pippa at Auntie Pippa
  9. Alison at My Home Makes
  10. Claire at Claireabelle Makes
  11. Ali at Very Berry Handmade
  12. Janette at The Green Dragonfly
  13. Lucy at Attic24

Congratulations to all my nominees….you have given me much longed for and looked forward to bedtime reading…a pleasure at the end of my day to indulge in colour, creativity, inspiring posts and projects and a window into the lives of like minded individuals….I love it and I love your blogs! Thank you again to the lovely Gray for nominating me and giving me this award. I shall treasure this. Bonne Nuit xx


Make your own Easter bunnies :: something to tell…….

Ok, so Easter has long gone but we could be mistaken for thinking the weather has yet to realise this ?? 

Anyway, Easter bunnies….well, every now and then my children ask me to make them a little something and these were the end result of the most recent request….having not got my blog up and running in time to coincide with Easter, they have had to wait (that and the fact that when I was making them, I was actually sat on a ferry to France and the only photos I had appeared to include rather a large crowd in the background or plates of food in the cafeteria!)….so I eventually got round to taking a few more photos once back on dry land…and here we are…..


Now, I know what you might be thinking….where are the eyes?? well, the children requested they didn’t have any as they felt they would be softer to cuddle in bed! so oblige I did and left them off…but I think they still work very well and they are made of very soft, fluffy, teddy fabric. I think they would make a great present for a baby as they don’t have any eyes or bits to swallow! The ribbons were stitched in a bow so they wouldn’t come undone but they can be removed. The funny thing with this fabric is that it was actually too much for my machine to handle so I had to hand stitch and stuff. Delightfully theraputic (though by the time I came to the last one I was beginning to get a blister!)

ImageThe pattern was a free download from a crafty website that a friend found. They come in 3 different sizes and were originally intended as a shelf/windowsill decoration and suggested making in a patterned cotton (hence they weren’t supposed to have eyes) but I thought they would make a great Easter bunny cuddly gift (bearing easter eggs of course!) 

ImageEach had different ribbon to aid identification and who belonged to who! You know how particular children can be….. I think they were a huge hit and they have pride of place at the head end of their beds = definition of success!














…..not the real thing but far less messy…..





and finally……. 

I have some really exciting news….but I can’t divulge it just yet…bursting as I am to share…I need to do a few things before I post about it, but watch this space…all will be revealed very soon! 

Thank you for stopping and listening…. Kate x


Crochet surprise, granny square and meet Myrtle

I’ve been pootling around today, making the most of some well earned time off work…time to recharge those batteries and focus on some other things for a change…after a huge (and I mean huge) amount of time spent de cluttering ‘The Back Room’ aka the pit; sorting through children’s toys and more toys oh and toys with bits missing or broken, that have long been outgrown…it was a bit terrifying to be honest because it started from looking quite bad (actually very bad) and at one point I had actually become trapped in the pit, surrounded by bags for recycling, bags for rubbish, bags for charity, bags for friends’ children (yep, that’s what you do…pass your ‘stuff’ onto some other poor unsuspecting parent!) Anyway, after eventually contorting my body in order to escape the pit, and some 4 hours later (bearing in mind I’d done 2 hours plus yesterday), I made it out of what shall now be called, A Clean and Organised Room, to a half hour of crochet time and a well earned cuppa…. Remember I mentioned the new yarn I had started using yesterday on my ‘Soon to be Revealed Little Crochet Project?’  well, here’s the start of it………

It’s a bit difficult to describe the colour as it doesn’t look quite the same in the picture but it’s a very pale lavender/pink from Debbie Bliss in an organic eco cotton… it’s quite ‘strandy’ as in the yarn tends to separate quite easily when using it if you’re not careful, but I do love the colour and you can just see the beginning of what I’m working on…any ideas what it might be?? All will be revealed, and it is only small, I do warn you, but I plan to embellish it…stay tuned!

ImageThis is the same yarn with a little granny square I’ve been playing around with some colour combinations…..

There’s a heather in the centre, then the lavender and then a very pretty soft grey…I don’t know about you but I really love experimenting with different colours and it’s really refreshing to use less primary colours or brights sometimes…and I’m beginning to think that these earthy type colours are the way I’m heading for a bit. I do love bright colours but we are blessed now with so many more greys, heathers, greens, browns and blues (to name a few) that I feel it only fair to give them a chance in my projects.

I recently bought myself some humungus (not sure if that’s the right spelling!) storage bags…well two, but I’ve currently misplaced one of them! However, I’d forgotten where I’d put them and have at least found one! And here it is…..

ImageNow, this mumma is BIG…I have a multitude of uses I could use it for but guess what it’s current role is? Yep, fabric stash! well, at least it looks pretty, even if you could actually fit a small child in it! best part is not only is is pretty to look at AND very useful, it is also made of 90% recycled plastic..yay! big tick! Have a look at the print close up…you’ll want to buy one, or two…


Told you! it’s very pretty isn’t it ? i love the little bird and I have one in a duck egg blue with same print….all I have to do is find it!!

Finally, before I sign off…you might have wondered who Myrtle is?? well, this is she……. **there now follows rather a large gap that I can’t appear to correct**


and yes…she is real! This is our (well, my), new addition to our rabbit kingdom…a baby French lop who is the palest of grey (told you I was very keen on these colours), with grey eyes….she has the biggest feet, ears that appear to have a life of their own at the moment and the longest eyelashes I have ever seen on a rabbit! If rabbits can be pretty then she is most definitely working her beauty. Yes, she is lying on my bed in the photo…but I had no choice in the matter as The Smallest one brought her upstairs to greet me first thing!

ImageDid I mention the whiskers??!! Sorry, I had to inflict another pic on you all….!!

Whilst this blog is generally about sewing, crochet, crafting, these little furries are quite a significant part of that, as they’re usually trouncing around my feet, jumping on the sofa or on my lap whilst I’m making whatever it is I’m making…that and they (she) is just one of them and they do look quite sweet (apologies if you are not a rabbit lover!)

Time to go and get on with my project….. I also have been asked by a dear friend if I can come up with a camera case (in the style of my ipad cover) for her…a challenge I have happily taken on…..and look forward to sharing here when it’s done.

Enjoy your evening whatever you’re doing!


Sew a little happines :: sunshine makes :: needle case

The weather has been so beautiful the last few days…just perfect bank holiday sunshine. However, I felt my sewing machine calling me and I decided to start getting on with making a summer top….photos to follow once finished and approved! It involved far more preparation than I had thought….I think it took me around 2 hours just to set everything up, machine, ironing board, laying everything out on the table, ironing the pattern and fabric, pinning and cutting out…phew! as they say…it’s all in the preparation!!

The sun has been beaming into my front room filling the place with warmth and how lovely to not have to have the heating on! hooray! The dog has enjoyed finding his rightful place stretched out on the carpet enjoying the rays….it’s a hard life Muts!


I love the way the sunlight catches our little mirror mobile….the reflection casts tiny patches of sunlight all over the sitting room which my youngest always says looks like fairies!


Ok, so there’s a little artistic licence with the camera work and editing but it seems so pretty I had to share it!

The title of this post is ‘sew a little happiness’ and I wanted to share with you some of my more smaller sewing makes, which I have given as a gift…hence the sew a little happiness theme.

Needle case


This was made for a lovely friend who has just recently discovered the joys of sewing…I just embellished with some ribbon trim and velvet ribbon loop for the button closure.



blue needle case back

And here’s one I made earlier….



I do apologise for the wonky size pictures and picture quality….they were taken on a dull day….I just can’t seem to be able to get the edit right on here and make sure all my pictures are the right size or in the right place!! I reckon I need to go back to the drawing board and try and find where I’m going wrong!

Up and coming…I have a little crochet make on the go which should be finished shortly….pictures to follow.

In the meantime, thank you for stopping to read this and thank you again for all the lovely comments I have received so far….it’s really rewarding to be complimented in this way…I feel like I have a little blogland family growing by the day!

Kate x