iPad cover with pocket :: simple design that makes a great gift

I was so pleased with how my first iPad cover turned out that I made two!

It’s that time of year when there’s a lot of birthdays on the horizon and I have to get my thinking cap on for gifts. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me a gift is not about how much you spend but how much thought goes into the actual gift….. When I’m giving to someone I know well I find this much more enjoyable because I feel I can give something more personal. So, (although this has long past, please bear with) I had made these iPad covers for Christmas for a family member and friend (lucky owners of an iPad…oh I wish for one of these soooo much!) and thought I would share the end results with you. Yes, I think these might come in very handy for some of those birthdays I was talking about……

: : This is the front of the cover with a roomy pocket to store your charger or any other little items you might need it for : :


: : The cover is secured with a magnetic closure and is fully lined with same green spotty fabric as the pocket, but you could easily use a third fabric to add variety : :

ipad cover 3

: : And here are the two covers back and front…apologies for the slightly dodgy pictures…I’m pleased to say that my friends were thrilled with their pressies and I’m one happy lady : :

ipad cover 2What do you think? I chose these colours as the people in question are very fond of blues and greens but I can see these in brighter colours too, and would love to try adding some ric rac or pom pom trim… like I have with my sewing machine cover (see below)

And here it is……you may have noticed in my ‘About Me’ blurb that I spoke of my new sewing machine? well, it had to have a cover….and this is what I came up with…and yep, it’s got a pom pom trim on the front pocket!

machine cover

Now, please excuse the busy background….I made this in a workshop BEFORE my machine had actually arrived! I like to be prepared!

The weekend was glorious here in sunny Sussex last week and I can’t finish this post without sharing some of the beautiful things we saw on our afternoon out in the countryside…..for it was a productive two days spent out enjoying the long awaited for spring weather. We don’t really care what the weather’s doing as come rain or shine we always take a flask of hot tea with us and something to snack on! but it helped there were sun beams this time….

sussexsunny boyriver walk
And you’re not imagining it….that is my smelly dog tied to the tree in the background! He had just waded through some truly stagnant foul smelling mud trench, and was jumping around next to us whilst we were sitting drinking our tea (the flask!!) so had to be restrained temporarily!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and my makes….please feel free to comment if you feel inclined. It has been lovely seeing that there are actually people who have seen my blog and want to follow it! I have been so flattered knowing that someone has enjoyed what they’ve seen/read….THANK YOU!!

Bespoke bunting :: so easy to make something beautiful for your home

Today the sun was out then the clouds came and the heavens opened…..so I decided it was the perfect day to get on and finish my most recent project….some gorgeous bunting for my friends birthday. It doesn’t matter how often I make bunting, I always love choosing the fabric and creating something pretty. This bunting is ‘bespoke’ because I chose colours that my friend had in her lounge…I just hope she likes it!

Here are some of the ‘flags’ made and ready to attach to the bias binding….

Bunting flags

Aren’t they gorgeous prints and colours? I used three fat quarters of fabric in total (one of each print) and purchased these from the lovely http://www.owlandsewingcat.com which is a wonderful shop….I dare anyone to go in there and come out empty handed!

I pinned on the cotton bias binding (I prefer cotton than polyester mixes as poly/cotton binding can stretch and move more when stitching; cotton is quite a lot easier and can be of great help to someone new to machine sewing.

flag and binding attach

Then I stitched the binding to the flags or flags to the binding, whichever way you want to look at it!

I then considered what type of finish I should do for the end of the binding….leave them plain on the ends or make some sort of loop so that the bunting can be ‘hooked’ up?? I decided on making little loops and then hand sewed some small buttons (purely for decorative purposes of course!), to finish off the loops.

I think the end result looked really neat and individual….what do you think?

button loop

button loop 2

Finally, I had to try out the bunting and take some photos before wrapping it up….it would have been rude not to, I think! I got a bit carried away with the pics but the bunting looked so lovely (pics not great but am afraid it was a bit of a gloomy light due to the rain!)

bunting stairs 2 bunting stairs bunting wall 1 bunting wall 2 bunting wall 3

Then it was time to fold it up carefully and wrap, ready for my friend to enjoy……..

all wrapped up

** I loved the fabrics so much that I may just buy some for myself and make some mini bunting…hmm, yes, this sounds like a very good plan. So, hope you like my ‘bespoke’ bunting…it’s so easy and quick to do and a great first time project for the novice sewer. I love the way the colours all come together and it is such an effective way of injecting some colour and individuality to your home or wherever you fancy putting it! I’ll never tire of making it. I might try and get a small tutorial together for it soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post….I’m very new to this still!