HELP WANTED…all answers on a postcard please!! What can I do with this?

Hello lovely people, I am seeking some advice….

You see this dress…..

Ok, it’s not everyone’s taste, and it’s prettier than it looks (at least the fabric is!) but…’s a simple sun dress and it fits ok, but the bodice is a bit big and straps are SO frumpy!

I don’t like the pencil thin straps, they just crease up and look even thinner! The bodice has this button front which I don’t undo, reckon the buttons are purely decorative but truly pointless in my view! The back of the bodice is shirred and needs to stay really or else I’ll not get the bugger on or off!!

There is a large ruffle on the bottom of the dress and I figured I could lose an inch to 2 inches off the bottom (not keen on length anyway as it’s one of those weird in between lengths….not short enough not long enough just frumpy no, I’ve used that word already, hmm, dowdy, unstylish, unfashionable, drab, dull!!! I was wondering if I could take off some of this ruffle hem and use it for some straps/sleeves??
Please note I haven’t attempted sleeves yet, let alone drafting my own so a wider more fash strap is more my level! What do you think?

That’s the back!

And the bodice?? It needs taking in a bit as too big round the bust, but wanted to lose those flippin’ buttons and preferably make it straight across rather than with the matronly ‘V’ neck line! Yuk!

So that’s two things I’d love some advice on please! The only things to bear in mind is that I’m going away this Sunday, I don’t have much time, it needs to be pretty simple and quick to do!!! I do actually like the dress as a sun dress ideal for camping and beach wear and the fabric print is pretty, it’s 100% cotton. I do apologise for picture quality, you may need to enlarge!

I’d love to hear back from anyone with some advice….what would you do with this dress bodice and straps? Have you ever done anything similar? Should I just forget it??